Work Culture

Fast paced, challenging, and a whole lot of fun—that is how our employees describe the work culture at NAVITAS. As an organization we are committed to invest majority of our time and effort in ensuring a continuous process of identifying and nurturing talent. We ensure that our employees get enough growth opportunities across all levels. Whether at your workstation, or at the field for installation, or in a meeting with clientele based in any part of the world you will always find yourself collaborating, sharing new ideas and working on highly efficient solar products and technologies that impact billions of people around the world. Working towards making the solar energy the solution to the environment energy crisis, you would be encouraged to take on big Challenges all the time.

At Navitas, we believe that the essence of the work culture at our place shall be to provide a joyous, educational and motivational environment to our employees.

Sharing Knowledge

At Navitas, we believe sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge.Our’s is not only a place to earn one's living, but also a place to learn, to master skills and to promote oneself. We have designed Training Programmes for our employees as well as our channel partners, dealer-distributors to provide them with a detailed understanding of the product to promote themselves and foster their professional development.

Team Members are one Big Family

Parties, sports, travel and other recreational activities enrich the staff's leisure life and increase both self confidence and teamwork. Navitas believes that in order to maintain healthy relationship, employees should be given a common platform to express their views and to interact with others through such informal get togethers and cultural programs which involves their families as well. We consider all the members of the company as one big family and therefore celebrate all festivals together.

Open Communication Platform

The mutual communication lets the team members get closer with each other. Active communication leads to a harmonious workplace. We provide the right platform by organising informal gatherings where employees can come and share their ideas and develop their bonding which keeps them self-motivated.