Why Solar - Smart Energy Together

The rapid development of the world economy and aggressive use of fossil fuels are increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, accelerating climate change and threatening the natural ecological balance. If we do nothing, serious consequences such as the global food crisis, water shortages, worsening pollution, and even ecosystem collapses will worsen.

This energy crisis also affects our communities. As fuel prices rise, our modern lifestyles become increasingly expensive, and global inequality worsens. Families and businesses everywhere are facing higher energy bills.

For our communities and the environment, we must find sustainable energy solutions. Solar energy is ready today.

Solar is the world's most abundant energy source. Enough sunlight reaches us every 15 minutes to power the world for an entire year. Safe and clean solar energy powers homes, businesses and power plants everywhere. We are optimistic that solar energy will reach grid-parity globally by 2017-18.

Solar is a cleaner, safer investment for your family and business. You can immediately reduce your electricity bill, enjoy energy independence from rising energy costs, and increase your home or building's value.

Every sunray that hits your roof is an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your electricity bill.

There are two main ways solar can reward you

● Use less electricity from the grid

By using renewable energy source like solar, you only have to draw electricity from the grid when you need more electricity than your system can produce. Since you only pay for what you use from the grid, you’ll save more.

● Be rewarded for contributing to the grid

When your system generates more electricity than you use, the additional power is fed back into the grid. By doing so, you may be eligible for a feed-in tariff. Your feed-in tariff rate depends on the State you live in and the net metering policy of the state. Having a net metered installation means that you first use the electricity you generate from your solar system at your property and any electricity that you do not use goes back into the electricity grid.