Anora Series

18 / 36 / 48 / 54 / 60 / 72 Cell Module

Multi Crystalline Module

Ns 3P 22OP | 3 ~ 220 Watt

Solar panels comes in vivid sizes and wattages which makes it a preferred choice for the manufacturing of various off grid solar products which run on solar energy which can be used in the daily requirements. These off grid products such as solar street lights, solar home lighting kits, solar water heaters, solar chargers, solar cooker etc are a boon to those living in remote villages and areas which lack the grid connectivity and therefore live in dark.
Navitas Solar offers you with ANORA SERIES wherein you get a wide range of panels which can be used for the manufacturing of such products to meet your off-grid power requirements

  • Solar Lantern
  • Solar Street light
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • Solar Home Lighting
  • Solar Traffic Signs
  • Rural Electrification
  • Green Telecom Towers
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations