About us

To believe in sustainable development and to shift to sustainable energy resources has become imperative in the wake of ever-increasing global energy needs. To address this requirement, Navitas Solar has embarked on a strategic plan to build its business in solar energy. It’s the latest venture into renewable market by a group of companies having a glorious history of over 40 years in engineering and manufacturing activities.

Navitas Solar is the manufacturer of the state-of-the-art mono/multi crystalline solar photovoltaic (PV) modules which supply sustainable solar electric power to both on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial as well as industrial establishments. Apart from providing the panels we also provide a complete lifecycle of solar power solutions and our expertise now includes developing, installing and constructing solar power plants.

With a 200 MW installed production capacity, we have aims to come up as one of the largest manufacturers in India as well as spread our reach in the global market.

Solar power industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. We are determined to mark our footprint on the global solar energy market and tap into every possible resource we come across, to live in a better world where we rely on nature to meet our energy requirements and thus build a future for our coming generations to cherish.

Customer satisfaction is considered to be the first priority in our organization. Navitas Solar is known for its innovation, technology, skill and dedication. This will translate into high quality, reliability and longevity of the solar modules produced.

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