Kilowatt Rooftop Solutions

To deal with frequent power outages and the unavailability of solar radiation during rough weather and night-hours usually makes it difficult to make or store power. The solution to this problem can be an off grid solar system or stand-alone system. This system balances the mismatch between the electrical load and the electricity produced, and the power is supplied as per the application requirement (DC Load or AC Load), with the help of some energy storage devices like batteries.

These off-grid solar systems are usually suited for rooftops of small homes, offices, malls, hospitals etc. They can be used as a mobile or back-up power supply for homes, medical clinics, telecommunications stations, meteorological stations, and forest fire stations, especially those located in areas without public utility grids, such as a remote islands and mountainous regions. In these cases, off-grid solar energy systems replace conventional power generation solutions such as a diesel generator.

A small solar home power plant of 1 KW is adequate to drive a load of approximately 1000 watts for four hours with a small battery bank, depending on solar insulation in the area. The solar panels for homes, office & other utilities can directly convert solar energy to electrical energy. This can be used immediately to drive the loads or stored in batteries for usage at the time of power outages. This can substantially cut down your electricity bills as well as provide you with power at a cheaper cost.

The Residential solar energy system does not require maintenance; regular cleaning of modules can keep the system up and running.

On grid solution

With state governments coming up their Solar Rooftop Policies, converting your rooftop into solar has become an easy solution to cut down on your electricity bills as well as to generate income from the excess of electricity produced.

With the net metering policy, you can install a solar system on your rooftop and consume electricity generate from it for your requirement and use electricity supplied from the grid for only the balance requirement. Also there can be times when the electricity generated from the system is in excess of your requirement. The same can be fetched into the grid which will be shown as a credit to you in your electricity bill. Also tax benefits such as 80% tax depreciation, 10 years tax holidays, subsidies in certain cases has helped to reduce your installation cost and give you an attractive ROI as high as 30%.

In the times where electricity rates have been on all time high and ever increasing, this is the optimum solution to fix your electricity rate by going solar.

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